My Journey to being fit, fabulous and fifty – “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”

So today I am 50, in all probability closer to the end of my life than the beginning and it is time to revaluate what has happened since I commenced this blog in April of 2018. My life has changed substantially (and let’s be honest so has the world), so let’s evaluate.

Fit – two years on, am I fit? – well no – but I am alive which is good. My body has had some serious issues over the past 18 months but now that I am on the other side (and have a full head of hair) my fitness is coming back. Anyone who has been through cancer will know the treatments can take a lot out of you, and being older does make things a little more difficult – my body hurts for no reason! I groan when I get off the floor – you get the idea, but my plan for increased fitness while delayed has not stopped so this will continue.

Fabulous – the fabulous bit was always about getting a better head space to be totally honest. Part of that was doing things that make me happy but also considering what was and wasn’t working. This ultimately led to our leaving France – not because we didn’t like it, we did and we loved our house, but more for the fact that for me it just wasn’t working, my language skills were just not coming along and it was making my everyday life difficult. We also both wanted to change our work – Pat really wanted to grow his business and I wanted to get back to full-time work so that I could work more towards my retirement savings. I also really, really missed the beach. I don’t think I realised exactly how much I need to see the sea and walk on a beach.

Fifty – well yes that is happening – time for all intensive purposes moves forward (or we move forward through time) so I have completed 50 journeys around the sun. I also realise that I am fortune to have made it this far – do I expect another 50 years – umm not really but I am hoping for at least another 30.

So that’s it I’m fortunate to be able to go to lunch on my birthday with my parents, my husband and my sister and brother-in-law. We’re very fortunate to be here in WA during this pandemic and able to go out and about with relative freedom. And on a final note, my most memorable birthday over the past 50 years – 1976 – because we had a total solar eclipse!

Adieu, my friends and remember to be fabulous.

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