32 – Being less serious

I’ve come to realise somewhere in my journey in life I’ve allowed myself to get a little too serious with life and everything within my life. OK given some of what has happened in my life justifies this seriousness (hello cancer) but the reality is I think I’ve been allowing myself to go down the “whole life is serious” path and I have to take everything seriously.

I think part of this may have come about because when I consider my life, am I where I thought I would be at almost 50? No. My life is nothing like what I imagined it would be, but then I’ve done stuff that my 20-year-old self would never have dreamed of. I’ve lived overseas in 2 different countries – UK and France – and for one of them I didn’t speak the language (though I did try to learn). I’ve also travelled so much more than I ever thought. I’ve seen things I never expected to see (hello Flamingo’s in the Camargue, Gournia – a Minoan settlement – in Crete). So far, I’ve lived an interesting life, but not the life my 20-year-old self expected to live.

What does all this mean for me, I think I need to be less serious about life – all of my life – and just relax into it and be present. I’m now trying to only be serious where I need to be serious, areas such as my health, my finances (this list may grow), but for most other things I’m going to relax (or try and relax) and just go with the flow with everything else. It will be an interesting experiment.

One thing I am ensuring is that I do the things that make me feel good. One of those is my painting so I’m setting myself a challenge of painting every day for 90 days – yes they will be small paintings but the plan is to do them in acrylic, and only spend 2 hours a day – it shall be an interesting challenge. Will all of them be good – hell no – but some of them will be.

Until next time.

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