31 – Slowly, slowly – 22nd August 2020

This blog will be a little bit more upbeat than my last one – despite having a mouth that is hurting after having a tooth removed last week – unfortunately the tooth broke while I was having my treatment for cancer (and it is recommended no dental work during treatment). I finally got to the dentist (who happens to my niece from my first marriage) and she took a look and the decision to have it removed was made. Unfortunately, I am finding various hangovers from my cancer treatment and one is my teeth are not in good condition and healing takes longer. But these are things that just have to be accepted and dealt with.

If you remember in my last post I was annoyed with my hair. I’ve since been to the hairdressers and we had a good chat about how to grow it out. It’s been coloured in a way that I am much happier with and the back has been cut. So now it is just a case of growing the top until it is at a length that I’m happy with – while maintaining the colour and the length at the back. I’m starting to be able to do stuff with it so that is also helping me feel happier about it.

I’ve also finally decided that I need to see a psychologist – this is to help with the fabulous part of me. I’m hoping for some help in how I think (there is a lot of negative self-talk) and hopefully to give me some coping mechanisms for certain things. I’ve only had one appointment so far, but the next two are booked so hopefully this will help with my attitude to life.

I’m still applying for jobs, no luck at this stage. This is also difficult as I’m not used to not getting interviews or job offers so it has been a steep learning curve for making my applications “sing” in a way that is attractive to recruiters. Eventually I know I will get a job but it is frustrating at this stage – especially as I want to buy my own home – not having my own space is difficult – and it’s most probably difficult for my mum to have people in her space for such a long time.

Anyway, Pat and I are trying to get out and about now, we’ve done a couple of group walks – which has been great. We are creating a list of places to visit for day trips and considering a short holiday (a long weekend really) in October for my birthday; so there are things to look forward to.

Until next time.

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  1. A bit tough at present for you.
    I will call but wonder when best time is and if can use old number or a land line?
    Lots of stuff here. L

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