The World has Changed – 11th April 2020

I started writing this blog last Saturday, but for some reason didn’t publish it. So this is from last Saturday.

While I don’t think anyone reading this blog doesn’t read my other blog, just in case you don’t our pets got delayed in their transport to Australia which meant we got caught out by Covid-19 and are currently stuck in France. We’re in our third week of our lock down and I’m starting to go a little bit mad. It is difficult; I’m not working but trying to find things to do with my day. I have started doing more exercise – I’m walking twice a day (one advantage of living in the middle of the countryside) and doing my strength exercises. I’m really noticing my strength exercises, my arms are aching and my legs are very sore, so I’ve decided that I need to reduce my strength exercises to 3 times a week and introduce some stretching.

Psychologically the lockdown is difficult – for me because we were in the process of moving on to the next stage of our lives – with moving to Australia and now we are on hold indefinitely and that is hard. When we were originally delayed it was only for a couple of weeks so it didn’t feel so bad, now it is difficult. Of course on top of this is the lack of work – even though I can work remotely – there is no work. So that is very hard, I’ve taken to writing a list every day of things to do and trying to cross some of them off (and I’m happy even if I only get one thing crossed off).

This week I went and did the shopping and had to go the pharmacy for my drugs – the pharmacy is currently only allowing 3 people in at once, and there was a queue outside – all nicely spaced. I got my drugs but unfortunately forgot to get my carte vitale back (my medical card) so Pat went and got that for me today, he was also in an outside line when one of the pharmacists came out and gave Pat my card (small town and they have seen us a lot over the past year). She did ask why we weren’t in Australia yet, Pat had to explain – in French – that our pets had been delayed.

Currently it is looking like we are stuck here until end of May maybe even into June – not the best 65th birthday for Pat. I’m planning on making him a special dinner if we can’t go out – and maybe even a cake. I’m hoping by then we will have a date on getting home.

Until Next time.

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  1. It’s difficult times indeed.
    On week 3 of lock down now and aside from dog walking and allotmenting I am beginning to wonder what it is I fill my days with!! Done a lot of drawing and also trying to sort out finances. Written letters to companies largely due to non working mobile and them not answering telephones anyway!!!!
    Make most of France. Please give me date of Pats birthday again! Linda

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