26 – My philosophy going forward

Hello friends and family. As you are all aware 2019 has been a particularly tough year – let’s be honest, it has been my worst year to date in my life! Cancer has that effect on you, it has also really made me think about counting my blessings – which will be a separate blog – but yesterday a little idea popped into my head and I decided that this little idea needed to be held on to and examined and taken to another level.

To start with, I struggle with the world at large as I truly am an introvert and I sometimes find the world a little bit overwhelming – especially the nastiness, the anger, the hate, the nationalism, the fact that people feel that they have the right to attack you personally because you think differently to them (argumentum ad hominem – remember discuss the topic don’t attack the person). So all of this out in the large old world was starting to get me down and then this idea of what can I do about this popped into my head.

Now, this is normally the point where I would speak to myself and say nothing, there is nothing you can do about this – le rien – you are too small, the world too big. I then thought about it a bit more and thought, I don’t have to change the world, just my little bit of it. So I’ve adopted a personally philosophy going forward – I will be kind and considerate wherever and whenever possible and where it isn’t possible, I will be polite and considerate. Hopefully this will mean that people reciprocate in the same way and ultimately if they don’t – it is their problem not mine.

With this thought in mind I have had another little thought building in my brain – it was suggested to me a while back to get an Instagram account and put up my art when I finished it, however I never did anything about this – now I have – I’ve set-up my account but not yet published anything – however I will be and I will let you all know when this goes live. This is also to add a little bit more beauty and softness into the world.

For now a bientôt – and remember try to be a little bit more kind to those around you (including yourself).

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