23 – All change

Most of you are most likely aware that my chemo has now finished – mid way through – unfortunately we were unable to control the side effects I was having and the decision was made to move forward to radiotherapy. It is a little bit scary with the change and we are now waiting on a letter from the hospital as to when radiotherapy will commence and when I get the port removed (I’m so looking forward to the port going).

I will admit this past week has been difficult – it was really nice not to spend 2-3 days over a bucket – but for some reason I’m feeling flat I guess that is because I don’t feel like I’m moving forward, I feel a little bit like I am stagnating and it is really, really difficult to feel that way.

I’m also trying to think what I will need to do to get myself back on track with my fitness – this really has taken a back seat with everything else that has been happening. I’ve tried to keep up with my walking but I’ve not been doing as much as I would like and my energy levels are down.

However one bright note is that Pat’s Australian Visa was granted so once my treatment has finished and we have done some travelling we will be heading back to Australia. It’s interesting to be planning for the future, but difficult as well, winter really isn’t the best time to be travelling within Europe.

So I’m still trying to figure things out and hopefully get back into some type of routine soon.

For now a bientôt.

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