22 – A state of mind

Next week is my 2nd chemo session, something I was dreading and hoping to avoid at all costs. Last week, at some point, I realised that my state of mind had changed and that I felt like I can get through this, whilst horrible it isn’t impossible, so that has been really good. Especially so as on Monday this week the hair on my head really started to fall out, getting progressively worse until today (Thursday). Today everything changed as I went to the hairdressers and had my head shaved (pictures at end of blog). It was not a difficult decision to make, my head was very itchy but the amount of hair I was depositing around the house was just getting ludicrous. I actually came home and vacuumed as there was so much hair everywhere.

In preparation for the shave today, yesterday we (mum, Pat and I) went into Limoges to buy me a wig. After my failed attempt the previous week, we had made an appointment this time. And 40 minutes later I walked out with a fabulous wig and a turban. I’ve also ordered another turban on-line along with watching various Youtube videos on how to tie a head scarf, just need some practice.

In regard to my health, I’ve lost a little bit of weight, and while my taste and appetite were affected for the first week, everything is back to normal now. I will admit it does take a lot to stop me from eating. This morning after waking earlier than normal, I decided to join Pat and Siena for their morning walk, we walked down to the Boulangerie and back – a good walk of around 2.5 km. While I was a little slow on the coming home bit, I was really pleased that I was able to do it and I’m hoping to continue with the walking every day! It really does help mentally and physically.

For now a bientôt.
(yes I look tired in these photo’s – 6:00 am start)

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  1. Your radiant smile is all I see. You are inspirational in your approach to this, thinking of you and sending you all the positive energy I can. Jx

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