19 – Habits

I’ve been reading a book on habits – yes it is a science book – but it is absolutely fascinating, know how habits get built, where they are stored in the brain, but also on how you can go about changing them. Interestingly it isn’t a “one size fits all” way to change because there are so many variants. I will admit however, one thing the book stated was that it is very easy to fall back into old habits and over the past 2 months I have found that. Even though I’ve been eating healthily for around 2 years, when my stress levels went up and the intense emotions have come in – my comfort eating came back with a vengeance. However I will say I must have changed enough habits so that it hasn’t been a total descent back into my old eating habits.

I think partly because I really like the breakfast and lunch that I eat, that bit hasn’t really changed. What has re-emerged is the afternoon snacking and not always the best choices for dinner, but we are both working to get back into the healthy choices. It is however difficult especially as we are waiting for my follow-up with my surgeon.

My recovery from my operation is going well, I finally have stopped my daily injections of the anti-coagulant and I am very, very happy about that. The many bruises on my thighs are gradually fading. The nurse is now only coming in every other day. But we now get to spend the weekend waiting as we won’t know what will be happening until Monday. Waiting is horrible; it is very hard as one’s mind just has so many different scenarios to run through. However, Pat and I will get through this as we have such great support from our friends and family.

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