18 – Life is a journey not a destination

I came across an interesting ted talk (link at the bottom) which is about when we look at our life it is the worst parts of our life make us who we are. Personally I think that looking back at both the worst parts and best parts make us who we are, but I think the worst parts are the bits we tend to re-examine and try to see if we could change (and can stay with us longer).

One of the things I have been trying to do – and I started this before the cancer diagnosis, was to start saying yes to things that I wouldn’t necessarily say yes to. One well remembered example of this was a night in Venice after we had finished dinner at the closest local restaurant, utterly exhausted from our long day of sightseeing, one of our group decided that they wanted to do another trip down the grand canal on the water bus at night (we had a 24 hour ticket that day). I was all ready to head back to our accommodation and just collapse into bed (and that had been the plan), however I decided to say yes and do something that I wasn’t planning on – it was a wonderful journey – yes I was exhausted when we finally got back to our accommodation but I got to see some things that I would never have seen and to really enjoy the atmosphere at night in Venice.

I will admit that I now that I have come face to face with my mortality (and I think any cancer diagnosis will do that to you). So I’ve been thinking how do I say yes to more (especially as I’ve had to cancel 2 long weekend’s away). So I think it is time to start saying yes to things and remember that I may only come this way once so do it now.

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