17 – Swings and Roundabouts

Firstly, for those of you who don’t know my operation got moved from the 2nd May to the 9th May – very much a swings and roundabouts moment for us. On the upside it means I’m not having my operation on Pat’s birthday, on the down it means waiting another week for my operation which means my trip to Dublin at the end of the month has had to be cancelled (along with an already cancelled trip to Berlin).

So Pat and I had a wonderful day yesterday, we went and picked up my most recently finished painting – one that has taken me quite a while as I was doing this for Pat’s birthday and it isn’t an easy picture to paint. We also went out for a lovely lunch at a restaurant we have been driving past for years and said we must try. We’re very glad we did and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then off back home, collect Siena and a drive to a nearby lake – and an 8km walk. Thankfully not much rain and a very nice walk in the countryside around the lake. At the end we stopped at a bar and had a cup of tea then headed home and we all collapsed – me, Pat and Siena. Thankfully the only dinner I had to cook was bacon sandwiches (and a strawberry tart for dessert which was care of a boulangerie).

Also one of the ups for having my operation moved is a trip to the seaside this weekend. As we had cancelled our Berlin trip because we thought I would be in hospital and for various reasons we couldn’t re-book it we decided to pack ourselves & Siena to head to the seaside – something I am really looking forward to as I love being near the sea.

The other thing I have gone back to doing this week is my gratitude journal – so at the end of each day I think of 3 things that I am grateful for and write them down. It is good to remind myself that there are still wonderful things and things to be grateful for – it does my mind a world of good.

So no blog this weekend, but maybe Monday?

And if you want to know the origin of Swings and Roundabouts, as Pat and I did, have a look at this website:


Until next time.

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