16 – The Show must go on

Firstly a cancer update. I’ve had 2 scans a bone scan – which left me slightly radioactive for a number of hours, and I’ve had a CT scan. Basically these scans were to check if my cancer had spread anywhere else in my body. Thankfully these both came back clear. Though my right arm is starting feel a little like a pin cushion (and is getting bruised) as I’ve had to have injections for both of these scans and currently we can only use my right arm, which will actually be a permanent thing due to my lymph nodes being removed in my left arm. If you want to understand more about these two scans here are the links:

I will admit I hadn’t realised how stressed I was until I had the results from these scans. I was very happy to have these results. I’m now booked in for my operation – on 2nd May (unfortunately this is Pat’s birthday). But I should only need 1 week to recover from the operation. We will find out if I have to have chemo after they have biopsied the entire tumour. Radiation therapy is a definite.

So that is that for now. I’m planning on enjoying the next few weeks before the operation and any treatment start. Partly by just relaxing, it was a glorious day yesterday and we went for a dog walk with friends and their 2 dogs, it was lovely to be out in the sunshine and just doing normal stuff. Today I’m still in bed (it’s noon) looking out the window at the fields (complete with Limousine cows). We are also trying to decide what to do the weekend before my operation to celebrate Pat’s birthday. Very much thinking of a night away and a good restaurant meal.

A year ago I also set myself a challenge of only buying 1 book at month – I’ve just been into my Amazon account to check what I have bought and it amounts to 13 books (both physical and electronic) so just over the 1 book per month – but this is a vast improvement on the previous year (34 books), it also made me actually stop and think about did I really want to read this book, it has also helped me explore my book collection and see what I owned but hadn’t read for a while. This has been good fun, also now that all my physical books are packed up and in storage I’m looking through my kindle and finding books that I had totally forgotten about and re-reading them. I’ve appreciated this exercise a lot.

Also you will remember I was trying to implement a new morning routine, while this has gone a little haywire over the past couple of weeks, I have still been getting up to do my drawing for the first hour of the day – this is going really well and I’m really enjoying this start to my day. Still have been unable to factor in my strength exercises, but will try to do so over the next few weeks as when I come out of hospital I will have shoulder and arm exercises that will need to be done so might as well get into that habit now.

For now a bientôt


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  1. Delia! A true inspiration!! I’m still waiting my own biopsy results, so I know how hard the waiting is! We had a little reunion last night and surprised Andy at one of his gig, I updated him with your progress and Maggie too… such a shock for us both!! … Goid Luck with your treatment, and have a lovely birthday weekend with Pat!… Let me know if you ever get over to the U K xx

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