14 – New Routines

One of the good things about moving house is the ability to establish new routines. As our environment has changed we have to change a few things that we do anyway so introducing new things or changing habits and routines is much easier.

For me, after listening to a vlog (video blog) by a style vlogger (Audrey Coyne – who I love – here is the link to the specific vlog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExURt6Bq7Eg&t=367s) which was about waking up early, I made the decision to get up an hour earlier – so 7:00am. This was so I could finally get back to my drawing course, so for this week I have been up early and drawing. I get out of bed, put my tracksuit on, some warm socks and my slippers and head upstairs; I then make myself coffee and head up another flight of stairs into the attic space – which is where Pat and I have set up our office. This space also has a sofa which faces the window, I sit myself down and for the next hour I draw.

I can honestly say it has been wonderful. I’m doing something I love first thing in the morning (and which I find at the end of the working day I can just feel too tired to do) and my assignments are getting done. I’m still trying to figure out how to get in my strength exercises in to the routine, but I think as we seem to be finishing breakfast around 9:30 – which is 30 minutes before I actually need to be at the computer I should be able to slot those exercises in relatively easily as they will only take around 25 minutes.

So hopefully next time I can tell you about getting my exercise routine in place.

Until then.


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