13 – Idealised version of self versus real version of self

Or – Who I’d like to be versus who I am.
Why this blog idea at this time? It comes from clearing out house and the decision making that is coming with it. While considering keeping or parting with an item I am looking at what it is and how long it has been since it was used but also trying to think forward with the idea of will I need it in Australia. While I may have a good idea of what life will be like back in Australia, I don’t know for certain so it is making for an interesting thought process. The other part of the thought process is – am I hanging on to something that my “idealised” self would use.

This was an idea I came across in the book “The Year of Less” by Cait Flanders when she was sorting through her book collection, and kept some books which she discovered 6 months late still unread and decided that these were the books that a smarter version of herself would read, not the who she was now. It’s been an interesting way to look at my book collection but also other items in our house. Because let’s be honest most of us just won’t ever be the “perfect” version of our self that is in our heads, no matter how much we want to be.

It has also made me reflect on why I have kept some items in previous moves – does any really need 10 years (and more) of birthday cards, Christmas cards, post cards? The list goes on! The photo edit hasn’t been so hard, first thing – get rid of the photos which just aren’t in focus or are double ups – easily a third of them gone! I found photos of my 21st birthday (I look young!) and have finally got them into a photo album.

So on that note I have been sorting and throwing a large amount of stuff, but also looking at what I am keeping and reflecting on is this something that I want to keep. It does mean that there have been a lot of trips to the tip and the charity collection. Eventually we will get there.

Until next time.

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