11 – Being the best I can be

I’ve been thinking about what this statement means and mostly what does it mean to me. I do think it can be misinterpreted to something that makes a person feel like they have to be perfect or perhaps they picture their best slightly idealistically. I’m not noted for being a perfectionist, but I think I can be a little idealistic, especially around how I view my “future self” – that smarter, thinner, healthier, sportier…you get the idea… Delia. However I think it can be very easy to perhaps allow yourself to go too far the other way and just say “that will do”.

So I’ve modified the above statement to this “Being the best I can be, to and for me, right now”. So what does that mean? I’ve added this to remind myself that being the best I can be doesn’t mean being perfect (or being that idealised self), it’s about remembering that at times being the best I can be will vary depending on where I’m at and what is happening around me and to me. So last week’s best won’t be the same as this week’s best, but they are still the best I can be at that point in time.

One thing I came across this week was a TED talk (I do like my TED talks), from a guy called Boris Grundl – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXcXqCLdBjM and while I found the talk a little disjointed I definitely got a couple of points to take away from this talk, one mostly being around the intellect verses the emotion or as he puts it “Do I know it” verses “Can I do it”. It’s an interesting one, because we all intellectually know stuff but don’t (or can’t) put that knowledge into action.

So my challenge to myself over the next couple of weeks, is to be the best I can be – but to also realise that doesn’t mean being my idealised self, it means being the best I can be at this point in time.

Have a wonderful couple of weeks

Until next time

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