10 – What makes a house a home?

An interesting question, however for me, not an easily answerable one. I guess this is because what makes a house a home is different for all of us. I am still trying to figure out what it is to me that makes a house a home. One thing I find helps me to make a place feel more “me” is putting up my art work – not just my own art work – but also the few pieces that I own.

I don’t think we take the time to ask ourselves what is important to us in our surroundings. I think some people know instinctively what works for them but the rest of us mere mortals actually have to think about it. And I don’t think we actually do think about it all that much.

For me a home is more than somewhere I feel safe and secure but what is that more? In thinking about it, I find that my surrounds are in a lot of ways more important than the house – that old adage “Location, Location, Location” really applies for me – the house can be magnificent but if it doesn’t have the surroundings that I crave it’s just not right. For the most part you can make a house work for you, it can be modified etc, whereas the surroundings are a little out of your control. For Pat however the house is the most important thing, so it does make for some interesting compromises.

I’ve really struggled with writing this blog, as a person who has moved a lot in my life a definition of what is home has been a really hard thing to define. Perhaps a bit more thought needs to happen?

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