8 – Relaxation

Following on from the exhaustion post here’s one about relaxation. A wonderful thing and something that my dog seems to have mastered (see photo at the end of this post). But one thing I do know is that holidays are not necessarily relaxing – and driving in Corsica is not something to relax into or for the faint-hearted. So what do we do for relaxation and do we set aside time specifically to do something that is relaxing?

I can find walking Siena relaxing but not always; perhaps something to do with a dog that is so excited by the walk? But I also think that for me having a list of “to do” items and only a limited time in which to do them stresses me out.

I know I find my Friday afternoon art class very relaxing and that is great and a lovely way to begin my weekend. I’m trying to realise what else is it that I find relaxing? And how do I include more relaxation in my life. This is my list so far:

Art work
Walking on the beach
Having a coffee / wine on the patio in nice weather (without wasps)
Reading a book
Watching the TV

I would be interested in what other people find relaxing (I know a lot of people – my mum included – find gardening relaxing – I’m not one).

Until next time

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Yep it went up on holiday – lots of wine and ice cream

One relaxed dog

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