5 – Inspiration and Innovation

Two weeks ago I wrote about changing the structure of my day – I then had one of my busiest weeks for work, I therefore I needed to work in the morning and the afternoon – but I have slowly been changing my behaviour by making sure the majority of my (paid) work is completed in the morning and my plan this week is to make sure that this happens and I find time to do the things I want to do in the afternoon – such as my art work and French language studies.

Now, how does this link to the title of this blog? Over the weekend I was up and down emotionally, but eventually I came to the decision that I can create the life I want. A very easy thing to say or to type but not the easiest thing to actually do, so I’ve been thinking about what inspires me and how can I innovate my life to create the life I want.

So what and who inspires me? I realise that a lot of women who inspire me (both fictional and real) are physically strong women, they are also incredibly intelligent women. However most are fictional or historical. So I’m now on the lookout for real people who are alive and well who inspire me. I’ve got a couple already springing to mind.

What else inspires me, what things, music, stuff inspires? – and that is harder for me to quantify. So I think over the next few weeks I might be trying to make myself more aware of those inspirations. Once I’ve realised what it is that inspires me and why it inspires is to figure out how to use that inspiration and how to innovate my life to reflect and honour those inspirations.

The other thing that I want to use to inspire me is how I want my life to look when I turn fifty. I want to get an image in my mind of what it is about myself and the surrounds I am in, what I’m doing with my life, how I connect with people, who I connect with things along those lines.

So until new time.

Current weight – 78 kg
Total loss to date – 9.6 kg

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