4 – What is Fabulous?

This is what I’m currently asking myself, what do I mean by being fabulous (see title of blog!)?
The original meaning according to the dictionary; “having no basis in reality; mythical” ok let’s be honest no one really uses the word that way now and the common meaning is
“extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large” e.g. fabulous riches
And then we have the informal meaning;
“very good; wonderful” and now we have found what I mean by fabulous when I use it.

For me while being fit is a physical thing and can be measured by my fitness increasing. My age is what it is and measured the usual way and anyway birthdays are fun. The fabulous bit for this blog is the mental aspect, and how this can be measured? Of course there is my continued learning of the French language and my drawing course, these are ways to measure a certain mental aspect, but there is also that component of including the things I love to do into my day to day life as a way of improving my mental well-being. I know I mentioned this in my second post, but as of yet have not really succeeded in putting in place a new habit or even attempting to get a new habit up and running that does including doing at least a couple of things I love, into my day to day life.

My plan is for the next 2 weeks is to change the structure of my day – so I want to do the majority of my paid work in the morning and then after lunch and my daily walk (with dog and hubby and definitely something I love to do) spend some time on my art and some time on my French. My plan is just to see how this can work for the next couple of weeks and modify as necessary. Hopefully when I come to write this blog again in 2 weeks I will be able to give you an update.

So until new week.

Current weight – 79 kg
Total loss to date – 8.1 kg

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