2 – Fulfilment

Meaning – Oxford Dictionary
“1. The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.
1.1 Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.
2. The meeting of a requirement, condition, or need…”

Ok, this week was originally going to be a follow on from my last post, but due to an interesting discussion during the week, that blog will be delayed until next week (titled “Things I don’t love doing, but love the results”), and you are getting this post instead.

So on to fulfilment – a wonderful word. Earlier this week I was having a chat with one of my friends and she made the comment along the lines of “…I just want to feel fulfilled…” a comment which resonated with me as I think it is something that all of us desire. What I did find interesting is, that in further discussions with other friends during the week is that the word fulfilment resonated with those of us who felt un-fulfilled but not so much with those friends who were fulfilled? So this has led me down the path of what is fulfilment – and specifically what does it mean for me?

So I have downloaded my book for May – a Richard Wiseman book to help in my investigation. Unfortunately there is a lot of fluff and BS on the internet about fulfilment but not a lot of science around it – you would think there would be but I’m not having much luck finding it.

It is interesting how many ideas seem to equate happiness and fulfilment to be the same thing. Which to me they are not – happiness is an emotion one can feel at any point regardless of being fulfilled or not. Though to me the definition which I have given at the beginning of this blog the 1.1 does feel the most relevant but the word satisfaction resonates more with me than happiness but that could just be semantics?

So the next two weeks are to be spent in search of increasing my fulfilment with my world? And still trying to incorporate more of the things I love into my world (not as easy as one would think).

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