Week 1 – Things I love

Ok, let’s be honest this really isn’t week one as that was the intro last week but hey, you get the idea.

The past two weeks have been about trying to incorporate more of the things I love into my day to day existence – such as doing more art work, more walks with Pat and Siena, more reading, more baths. Part of this process was actually figuring out what are the things I love to do, aside from what I’ve already stated, I love to eat good food, drink good coffee, to travel, chats with friends, hearing my cat purring, lovely gardens – especially visiting them, a clean house, clean fresh bed sheets. Once you start thinking outside the box you really start to realise that there are so many things to love in our lives aside from the obvious.

However, you also become aware of how many of these we let slip because they are not the easiest to incorporate into our lives. So how does one incorporate these things into our lives? For me the walking one is relatively easy as having a dog that needs a walk every day does mean we get out and about, however I don’t like walking when it’s raining and hubby being an Englishman doesn’t seem to mind too much. The art is a bit harder, as it does mean getting myself sorted – supplies out, space cleared but by having my water colour classes once a week and doing my distance drawing course helps, but I would like to do more work – at least an hour each day, the problem is at the end of the day of work, it is so much easier to just ignore getting everything out and going downstairs and putting the tv on. So this is definitely one area that needs to be addressed.

The travelling item, again not so easy as there are costs associated with this, but we are always finding cheaper ways of doing things, and even though self-catering accommodation can cost more than a hotel, it is, overall, so much cheaper when one doesn’t have to eat out for every meal. We’re also looking more at doing things over a long weekend so we can drive to wherever we are going and take Siena, which does really make things cheaper as we just load up the car and pay for the petrol and accommodation. I would like to do more of this, we will see how it goes.

So feel free to comment below, suggestions on how to incorporate things into life – and what do you love but have let slip from your life?

Current weight – 81.5 kg
Total loss to date – 5.5 kg
Hit a plateau so not so happy about that!

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