My Journey to being fit, fabulous and fifty

Yep a new blog from yours truly. Somewhere over the past few months I’ve finally realised that I’m no longer in my 20’s! and that the dreams, aspirations etc that I had for myself in the 20’s are, for the most part, no longer relevant. So now I’m at the place where I am re-evaluating my life (is this a mid-life crisis?). Part of that is accepting what is, but the other part is also realising that if I want to change things, I really have to do it NOW as we just don’t know what the world will bring and the reality is that I AM running out of time.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m an Australian who is living in France, coming via the UK (where I picked up a husband). I’m self-employed, no children (though I do have two furry one children).

So what am I working on, well the fifty bit will happen in 2020 regardless of what I think or do (except for death but let’s assume that won’t happen till somewhere well into the future). So the work needs to happen on the fabulous and the fit part. So I’ve started a new diet – which is to totally re-educate myself on my eating and to get my weight down into a healthy weight range. So far it’s not been overly hard, the patisseries are out (well a very occasional treat), the alcohol intake has reduced, and the veggie intake has skyrocketed. Both Pat (my hubby) and I are enjoying the eating plan and think it will be easily sustainable, which is really good. Other aspects of fitness are getting myself back to good level of general fitness. So lots of walking and I’m also trying to get some strength training in to get some muscle back.

Then we move on to the fabulous bit – that is more psychological and philosophical (without trying to sound too high brow). Ultimately it is about doing what makes me happy and that I’m comfortable with. It’s about looking after myself and not worrying so much about what others think. This of course doesn’t mean being insensitive to others, but being, and because I can’t think of any better way to say this, true to myself. Not always easy to do and not always easy to figure out what is true to oneself.

So this blog will be about my journey, the ups and downs and the generally just the journey.

Hope you enjoy the ride…

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