4 – What is Fabulous?

This is what I’m currently asking myself, what do I mean by being fabulous (see title of blog!)?
The original meaning according to the dictionary; “having no basis in reality; mythical” ok let’s be honest no one really uses the word that way now and the common meaning is
“extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large” e.g. fabulous riches
And then we have the informal meaning;
“very good; wonderful” and now we have found what I mean by fabulous when I use it.

For me while being fit is a physical thing and can be measured by my fitness increasing. My age is what it is and measured the usual way and anyway birthdays are fun. The fabulous bit for this blog is the mental aspect, and how this can be measured? Of course there is my continued learning of the French language and my drawing course, these are ways to measure a certain mental aspect, but there is also that component of including the things I love to do into my day to day life as a way of improving my mental well-being. I know I mentioned this in my second post, but as of yet have not really succeeded in putting in place a new habit or even attempting to get a new habit up and running that does including doing at least a couple of things I love, into my day to day life.

My plan is for the next 2 weeks is to change the structure of my day – so I want to do the majority of my paid work in the morning and then after lunch and my daily walk (with dog and hubby and definitely something I love to do) spend some time on my art and some time on my French. My plan is just to see how this can work for the next couple of weeks and modify as necessary. Hopefully when I come to write this blog again in 2 weeks I will be able to give you an update.

So until new week.

Current weight – 79 kg
Total loss to date – 8.1 kg

Week 3 – Things I don’t love doing, but love the results

Week 1 I spoke about the things I love to do, which now leads me to the things I don’t love, but need to do because I love the payoffs. In this regard 2 things instantly spring to mind, one is gardening – I really dislike gardening, but I love having a beautiful garden and I love picking my own veggies. Therefore there are things that I have to do to make the garden happen, though I am still learning how to garden in this climate and to make decisions that make my life easier with the garden but ultimately give me a garden space that is something I love.

The second one that sprung to mind – work – do I love my work, well not really, while I’m good at what I do, the days of my type of work are numbered (Google Duplex anyone?) Therefore, I’m searching a bit more to do work which has purpose and meaning for me, and while I would say my clients definitely have passion, purpose and meaning in what they do, I don’t think I do, it also makes me think more about what is it I want to be doing for the next 20 years of my life. I will admit I do like being self-employed – keeping my own hours and not having to work full time is great, but of course it does mean that I don’t earn the same as I would if I was employed by someone, but it has made me budget better.

So now I’m exploring the option of what else I can do more of in my life that sits in the “what I love to do” category that could ultimately bring in some level of income.

The reason that this blog is late is that I did something for myself yesterday (Monday). I went and had a colour and style session. As I’m going to be replacing a large part of my wardrobe due to my weight loss – I decided now would be a good time to see what my colours were (I had my colours done about 25 years ago when I was in Australia) and to get an idea of what styles suit me. It was a great day out and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a few things that will sit outside my comfort zone but I will have some fun with this. I am ultimately hoping that this will save me some money so that I don’t make many mistakes as I sort my wardrobe.

So until new week.

Current weight – 79.5 kg
Total loss to date – 7.6 kg (calculations were out last time).

2 – Fulfilment

Meaning – Oxford Dictionary
“1. The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.
1.1 Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.
2. The meeting of a requirement, condition, or need…”

Ok, this week was originally going to be a follow on from my last post, but due to an interesting discussion during the week, that blog will be delayed until next week (titled “Things I don’t love doing, but love the results”), and you are getting this post instead.

So on to fulfilment – a wonderful word. Earlier this week I was having a chat with one of my friends and she made the comment along the lines of “…I just want to feel fulfilled…” a comment which resonated with me as I think it is something that all of us desire. What I did find interesting is, that in further discussions with other friends during the week is that the word fulfilment resonated with those of us who felt un-fulfilled but not so much with those friends who were fulfilled? So this has led me down the path of what is fulfilment – and specifically what does it mean for me?

So I have downloaded my book for May – a Richard Wiseman book to help in my investigation. Unfortunately there is a lot of fluff and BS on the internet about fulfilment but not a lot of science around it – you would think there would be but I’m not having much luck finding it.

It is interesting how many ideas seem to equate happiness and fulfilment to be the same thing. Which to me they are not – happiness is an emotion one can feel at any point regardless of being fulfilled or not. Though to me the definition which I have given at the beginning of this blog the 1.1 does feel the most relevant but the word satisfaction resonates more with me than happiness but that could just be semantics?

So the next two weeks are to be spent in search of increasing my fulfilment with my world? And still trying to incorporate more of the things I love into my world (not as easy as one would think).

Please feel free to comment.

Current weight – 80.4kg
Total loss to date – 5.5 kg

Week 1 – Things I love

Ok, let’s be honest this really isn’t week one as that was the intro last week but hey, you get the idea.

The past two weeks have been about trying to incorporate more of the things I love into my day to day existence – such as doing more art work, more walks with Pat and Siena, more reading, more baths. Part of this process was actually figuring out what are the things I love to do, aside from what I’ve already stated, I love to eat good food, drink good coffee, to travel, chats with friends, hearing my cat purring, lovely gardens – especially visiting them, a clean house, clean fresh bed sheets. Once you start thinking outside the box you really start to realise that there are so many things to love in our lives aside from the obvious.

However, you also become aware of how many of these we let slip because they are not the easiest to incorporate into our lives. So how does one incorporate these things into our lives? For me the walking one is relatively easy as having a dog that needs a walk every day does mean we get out and about, however I don’t like walking when it’s raining and hubby being an Englishman doesn’t seem to mind too much. The art is a bit harder, as it does mean getting myself sorted – supplies out, space cleared but by having my water colour classes once a week and doing my distance drawing course helps, but I would like to do more work – at least an hour each day, the problem is at the end of the day of work, it is so much easier to just ignore getting everything out and going downstairs and putting the tv on. So this is definitely one area that needs to be addressed.

The travelling item, again not so easy as there are costs associated with this, but we are always finding cheaper ways of doing things, and even though self-catering accommodation can cost more than a hotel, it is, overall, so much cheaper when one doesn’t have to eat out for every meal. We’re also looking more at doing things over a long weekend so we can drive to wherever we are going and take Siena, which does really make things cheaper as we just load up the car and pay for the petrol and accommodation. I would like to do more of this, we will see how it goes.

So feel free to comment below, suggestions on how to incorporate things into life – and what do you love but have let slip from your life?

Current weight – 81.5 kg
Total loss to date – 5.5 kg
Hit a plateau so not so happy about that!

My Journey to being fit, fabulous and fifty

Yep a new blog from yours truly. Somewhere over the past few months I’ve finally realised that I’m no longer in my 20’s! and that the dreams, aspirations etc that I had for myself in the 20’s are, for the most part, no longer relevant. So now I’m at the place where I am re-evaluating my life (is this a mid-life crisis?). Part of that is accepting what is, but the other part is also realising that if I want to change things, I really have to do it NOW as we just don’t know what the world will bring and the reality is that I AM running out of time.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m an Australian who is living in France, coming via the UK (where I picked up a husband). I’m self-employed, no children (though I do have two furry one children).

So what am I working on, well the fifty bit will happen in 2020 regardless of what I think or do (except for death but let’s assume that won’t happen till somewhere well into the future). So the work needs to happen on the fabulous and the fit part. So I’ve started a new diet – which is to totally re-educate myself on my eating and to get my weight down into a healthy weight range. So far it’s not been overly hard, the patisseries are out (well a very occasional treat), the alcohol intake has reduced, and the veggie intake has skyrocketed. Both Pat (my hubby) and I are enjoying the eating plan and think it will be easily sustainable, which is really good. Other aspects of fitness are getting myself back to good level of general fitness. So lots of walking and I’m also trying to get some strength training in to get some muscle back.

Then we move on to the fabulous bit – that is more psychological and philosophical (without trying to sound too high brow). Ultimately it is about doing what makes me happy and that I’m comfortable with. It’s about looking after myself and not worrying so much about what others think. This of course doesn’t mean being insensitive to others, but being, and because I can’t think of any better way to say this, true to myself. Not always easy to do and not always easy to figure out what is true to oneself.

So this blog will be about my journey, the ups and downs and the generally just the journey.

Hope you enjoy the ride…